Exercise and Osteoporosis by Dr. Regina Edmond

No matter your age, exercise can maintain or improve bone health. During teen and early adult years, it boosts healthy bone mass. As the years go by, exercise maintains healthy bones, and in later years, it can slow the rate of bone loss.

An exercise regimen for women should include strength training, such as exercises that use free weights or certain exercise machines. Strength training is one of the best ways to keep bones strong, or to strengthen bones that have weakened. Age- and ability-appropriate weight-bearing exercises such as fast walking, dancing, tennis, jumping rope, or high impact aerobics can help create stronger bones. Exercises such as Tai Chi or even standing on each foot for 30 seconds improves balance and decreases the chance of falls.

Talk to your physician before beginning any exercise program to ensure the program is safe for you.

About the Author: Dr. Regina Edmond is president of Regina L. Edmond, MD, Inc., Health Care in Los Angeles. Dr. Edmond specializes in gynecology, obstetrics, infertility, and women’s health.


About Dr. Regina Edmond

Dr. Regina Edmond oversees the operations of the corporation. I am in charge of patient care. I do minor office procedures as well as major gynecologic surgical operations. In addition, I perform deliveries and cesarean deliveries
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